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Discover our New Range of CCTV Reversing Kits
NEW Telematics Dash Cam
NEW Durite HD Incident Camera With Telematics
Watch an accident seconds after it happened!

Durite Incident Cam records to the CLOUD any incident. Get an instant notification of incident with video and key information. The data can be downloaded anytime from the Durite Telematics portal. Monitor driver behaviour on the Durite telematics portal, improve driving habits and lower insurance premiums. Includes full tracking and telematics functionality.

"Collision Notification, Video Recording & Tracking"

Light, Compact & Powerful

✓ Access full telematics via Durite portal
✓ Up to 40 hours real time in unit
✓ Video download can be requested on portal
✓ Tamper-proof incident data secured to the Cloud
✓ Instant notification of incident with video
✓ 720P HD
Discrete telematics tracker

✓ Extra sensitive GPS
✓ Alerts in case of voltage variances, tampering, speeding etc.
✓ Full tracking and telematics functionality

Telematics Dash Cameras In The Range


Forward Facing Dash Camera & Tracker  

Included in the kit: 1 x HD Incident Camera, 1 x Wire Loom Power Control with Mini USB, 1 x Wifi Dongle, 1 x Panic Button, 1 x Telematics Tracker with Immobiliser

"Intuitive, Secure & Easy to use Durite telematics web-based portal"
Monitoring of your vehicles & drivers 24/7 from your device.
subscribe to portal ✓ Live location & GPS journey, monitor & track fleet
   using latest mapping & satellite imaging
✓ Incident detection, receive instant alerts with full video footage
✓ Monitor driver behaviour, improve driving habits and, reduce insurance premiums and vehicle wear & tear
✓ Over 70 customisable reports, schedule service alerts & reports

How to get your Dash Cam


Buy Dash Cam from your local Durite Distributor


Subscribes to Durite Portal


You install; or arrange installation with Durite

NOTE: When purchasing the dashcam from you, your customer will also need to subscribe to the Durite telematics portal.

For more information or to place an order contact our sales team by phone on 01255 555200, by fax on 01255 555222, by email or online