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24V Jump Starter - 30,000mAH with Lithium Polymer Battery

24V Heavy duty Jump starter pack with 30,000mAh lithium polymer battery. Light and compact, will jump start petrol and diesel vehicles up to 15.0L. Anti-recharge and short circuit protection. Charge from 230V mains or 12VDC cigarette plug charger.
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  • Capacity 30,000mAH / 111.00Wh
    Battery Type Li-Polymer
    Output Voltage 24V
    Start Current 300A
    Peak Current 600A (3 seconds)
    Charge Input 15V, 1A
    Full Charge Time 9 Hours
    Operating Temperature -20C to +60C
    Battery Life Cycle 1000 Cycles
    Dimensions H 235 x W 225 x D 80mm
    Weight 1.65Kg
    Certification CE